What is your history?

I have been watching what is happening in our United States of America for the last several weeks, and, in fact, for the last several years.  I am what most would call a “Senior” citizen!  Yes, I know.  Some may say, “What does that old person know?”  One thing I do know is I try to learn something new every day.  We are never too old to learn and that works both ways.  We are also never too young to want to learn.  I have lived the best life that I can humanly live.  Have I done things wrong in the past?  Have I made mistakes?  Have I been angry about things that have gone on around me?  The answer to all those questions is “absolutely yes”!  But, you see, I hope I have learned from my mistakes.  I hope I have learned from troubles that have come my way.  I hope I have learned to ask forgiveness.  I hope I have learned to forgive.  And I do not feel any guilt from any of it or from anyone else.  I am a sinner saved by Grace through Jesus Christ.  I am forgiven.  Praise God, this is not my eternal home!  I am just occupying this place until it is time to go to that better place called Heaven or some might call it GLORY!.

None of what is happening today makes any sense.  Why is there looting, burning, injuring, rioting?  Peaceful protest is what needs to happen, but the problem with any protest, there is always someone or some group who is embedded in it who wants to make trouble and cause havoc, even when the majority of the protestors are reasonable and orderly.  That is sad!  Destroying things that do not belong to you is wrong.  That person or business that has been destroyed by all this upheaval did not deserve that.  What did that person or business do to hurt you?

No person can erase history or change anything by tearing down monuments and national symbols.  History is what it is – History, the Past!  But we need to learn from history, not try and wipe it out of books, monuments, symbols, our education system, etc.  History needs to be taught in our schools, the whole truth of history and nothing but the truth of history.  Sure, some things in the past have been wrong.  But why should I feel guilty or ashamed about things that have happened in the past?  I was not there.  I have compassion for those who were wrongly hurt, and I am saddened by many events in the past.  I only have control over my here and now, and I should not have to suffer for things in the past that hurt people when I had nothing to do with it.  The past is what it is – PAST!  We only need to learn from it!

What is your history?  Write your story. Be proud of it. Strive to make a better life for yourself and your family.  This United States of America is a great country!  Look around the world and then know that you are living in the best place in the world!  Why do you think so many people want to come here to live?  To see what living in freedom is like?  To make a better life that they had somewhere else?  I am proud to be an American and a Christian!  I pray that we will keep our country free and live in peace together!  Let us not destroy it.  God bless America!!

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