What are you waiting on today? 

          Are you waiting on news from a family member about a doctor’s visit?  News about a diagnosis after tests have been done? Hoping that diagnosis is good and not as bad as you fear it could be? 

          Relief and peace from your grieving for a family member or friend who has died?  News about whether the lost person you have been praying for has turned his life around and come to realize that Jesus is the only way? 

          News about treatment for an ill friend or family member who is suffering with a terminal disease?  Hoping that a new treatment will provide hope? 

          Angry with God that He has not answered your petitions?  Broken relationships to be mended?  Answers to financial problems?

          There could be enumerable prayers that you are waiting on for answers from the Lord. 

          I am thankful for a sermon I heard Sunday that the College and Young Singles Pastor of my church gave.  My topic today comes from his sermon.  His message touched me, and I felt I needed to share it in my blog for someone who might need to hear it.  I cannot recall the exact title of his sermon, but it is concerned with waiting patiently on the Lord.  If you are a Christian, you know that Scripture tells us that we are to wait patiently.  We are to present our petitions to the Lord, believing that He will answer.  Answers to our prayers may be yes, no, or wait.  If you don’t receive an answer right away, that is where the waiting begins.  I believe that God is working out His plan for our good and others’ good while we are waiting. 

          The scripture for his sermon was taken from Isaiah 40:28-31.  It says, “Have you not known?  Have you not heard?  The everlasting God, the LORD, The Creator of the ends of the earth, neither faints nor is weary.  His understanding is unsearchable.  He gives power to the weak, and to those who have no might He increases strength.  Even the youths shall faint and be weary, and the young men shall utterly fall, but those who wait on the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles.  They shall run and not be weary.  They shall walk and not faint.”  (NKJV) 

          There were three points that were made in his message.  The first point is to Be Expectant.  Yes, be expectant while you are waiting.  The pastor said that waiting on the Lord is not a passive thing, but it is an active participation in the process that God is allowing in your life.  I believe we must realize that what we are waiting on and what God is allowing in our lives is only part of the big picture. That’s the process! Think about the scripture above.  God is everlasting and He is working out all His plans not only for your benefit but for others who may or may not be directly involved in what He is allowing in your life at this time.  God is asking us to wait on Him.  He is giving us His strength in place of our weakness while we are waiting.  All through Scripture God is reminding us of His power, His Love, His Mercy, His Grace!

          The second point that was made in his sermon is to Remain Empty!  What the pastor said he means by that is that we are to leave room for God to operate.  I know so many times I tend to want to somehow help God, as if He needs my help, but I need to give God space to carry out His plan without my interference.  I believe if there is something that God wants us to do, we can know through the Holy Spirit who lives and walks with us daily as Christians.  Stay close to the Lord.  One of my favorite verses in Psalm 46:10a is “Be Still and Know that I am God.” (NKJV) I thought of this verse when the pastor said Remain Empty. 

          The last point he made is to Stay Engaged.  He said for us not to stop praying.  Continue to pray.  God wants to hear our prayers even though He knows all before we ever speak it.  Tell God how you feel.  Tell Him if you are angry.  Tell Him if you are hurting.  But be thankful for all the blessings God has given to you.  I am not sure what others who heard his sermon received from it because we all can hear the same message but get something entirely different.  I was blessed by his message, and I am sure others were. 

          Hardships, obstacles, challenges, and problems come to every one of us in this life.  No one is exempt.  Jesus said in John 16:33b, “In this world, you will have trouble.  But take heart!  I have overcome the world.”  That’s a promise, Christian!  Think about the times that God has allowed difficulties to come into your life.  When you got through those things, have you ever been thankful for having gone through those rough times?  What did you learn from it?  What effect did it have on others who are close to you?  Do you have a testimony from the challenges that you could share with others?

          I don’t know about you, but I am a person who makes notes in the margin of my Bible.  I wrote this note a long time ago beside Isaiah 40:31:The Greek meaning of this passage is to exchange our weakness for God’s strength.”  That is what God can do if we allow Him.  Where we are weak, God is strong!  I want to leave you with this Scripture from Psalm 37:7. It says, “Be still before the Lord and wait patiently for him; do not fret when men succeed in their ways, when they carry out their wicked schemes.”  Praise the Lord!


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